Are Rice Cakes Healthy? Potential Benefits of This Crispy Snack: Why Should you Add it to Your Diet
Apr 03, 2022 By Nancy Miller

Especially for people who want to keep their weight in check, rice cakes are a popular snack because they can be low in calories and carbs. Why? If you think of a rice cake made out of puffed rice, you'll understand why. Rice desserts also have a small amount of the B vitamin niacin, which also helps the body turn carbohydrates into energy for the body to use. Rice desserts also have a small amount of magnesium as well as zinc, two minerals that the body needs. But are these crunchy snacks nice for you?

Are Rice Cakes Nutritious?

Because there are so many different types and sizes of rice cakes, the best answer to whether they're healthy is: it's up to you. In particular, it's best not to eat flavored rice cakes because they have a lot of sugar, sodium, and other things that aren't natural. Even so, plain rice cakes made only from fluffy brown rice are healthy.

Nutritional Value of Rice Cake

It will depend on what kind of rice cake you buy. There are a lot of different flavors and types of rice cakes you can buy. They come in caramel, white cheeses, apple cinnamon, and butterscotch corn, which all have extra elements that make them more sugary or salty. People should stick to brown ones because they are whole grains and don't have extra ingredients. Also, a few rice cakes are cooked with brown rice, which gives them a little extra nutrition. If you select the right kind, they may also be low in fats and sugar, based on what you buy.

They also have very small amounts of a few other minerals and vitamins. If they're salted, the amount of sodium in them changes. The Nutrition Facts board on your rice cakes should show you how much salt they have. You can also look at the ingredients to see if they have added salt. It has also been shown that puffing rice, which is used to make rice cakes, is less antioxidant-rich. Remember that this is just for simple rice cakes. Sweetened varieties usually have extra sugars and other things in them.

1. Antioxidants Are Found in Rice Cakes

Foods that have antioxidants are such as security personnel, safeguarding healthy cells from the DNA harm that tends to cause aging and disease. Antioxidants are found in many foods. A 2018 analysis in the newspaper Antioxidants discovered that brown rice has a lot of phenolic substances, which are also found in tea and citrus fruits. These antioxidants are also discovered in brown rice.

2. Rice Cakes Help Keep Blood Sugar in Check

Whole grains, like brown rice, can help individuals with diabetes regulate their blood sugar levels after they eat. They may also help prevent type II diabetes from developing in the first place. Whole grains have a lot of fiber, which the body can't break down and use for energy, so they're not good for you.

3. Rice Cakes Help People Lose Weight

If you eat rice cakes instead of high-calorie, high-carbohydrate meals, you can keep your weight in check. One Thomas' pure bagel can be replaced with two Lundberg natural brown rice cakes that have 130 cals and 21 grams of carbs less.

4. Rice Cakes Are Very Easy to Eat

Because rice is a low-fat diet meal, it is digestible. Plain brown rice cakes are also digestible. FODMAPs are carbs that aren't broken down well during digestion, which can cause bloating, pain, cramps, as well as gas in certain people. For individuals with celiac illness and individuals who don't have gluten allergies, rice cakes cooked from brown rice are a good choice.


As a "nutrition food" tendency in the 1980s and 1990, rice cakes were all the rage. Ever since then, they have been a loss of weight must-have. A low-calorie carb with many crunches was a hit with people, and some still love it today. Rice cakes are best for you If they're cooked with brown rice. People can receive proteins and carbohydrates from brown rice grain, which is better for them. There are many more essential nutrients in entire brown rice than in refined white rice since they're lost during the purification process. This is why entire brown rice is better for you than refined white rice.

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